12V 140AH AGM Power Sealed Battery Caravan Boat Camping Power Solar Recharge

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Battery designed to fit in industry standard battery box.

Length: 31.5cm

Width: 17.5cm

Height: 22.5cm

12V 140Ah AGM Power Sealed Battery Caravan Boat Camping Power Solar Recharge

High Performance AGM Battery features unrivalled power and durability and is a true dual purpose battery.
Not only can it be used as a deep-cycle battery, it can also be used as a starting battery making it the perfect choice for 4WD’s.
Through state-of-the-art design and construction, the battery is packed with more power than any other battery in Australia.
Also tested and designed for Australian conditions to sustain the rigorous demands of the modern day performance speakers vehicle camping equipment etc.
Completely Sealed Spillproof Vrla Ultra High-Performance Genuine.
This brand new battery 12 Volt 140AH battery dry cell sealed and maintenance free.
140 amp hour Absorbed Glass Mat Sealed Lead Acid battery SLA Dry Cell model NPC140-12

Used for:
- Solar System + Wind Power system
- Car Audio System
- Emergency Lighting Equipment
- Fire Alarm and Security Systems
- Telecommunication Equipment
- Electric Equipment and Telemeter Equipment
- Wireless Gadgets, Vacuum Cleaners, Washing Machines etc.
- Toys and Consumer Electronics
- Portable Power Tools
- Car, 4x4, Camper, Trailer, Caravan, Camping, Truck, Bus, RV etc.


Brand: AGM Power

SKU: AGMPower140AH

Battery Type: AGM